These river waves have been carrying a variety of local skilled people, from tar rowers to log floaters. These waterways used to serve as the vivid veins of the local economic life. Furthermore, this was the route for the merchandise to get to the markets of the outer world. Salmon fishers throughout Europe used to arrive here in the early days to enjoy the atmosphere at these rapids.

Through ages, the Oulujoki river has kept up its role with pride as the main river of the Region of Northern Ostrobothnia. When you travel through the river, you will be surprised what a world of its own these streams have created.

The atmosphere at the river is very unique. The waves lapping on the boat carry their own stories of the times of the tar rowers.

Oulu Safaris will take you on a journey on the Oulujoki river with our tar boats. The journey may begin, for example, from the Turkansaari island and end up at the Maikkula Mansion.

A boat trip is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the river environment. Along the route, we may have a break to enjoy a cup of coffee and the surrounding sceneries! At the beautiful Turkansaari outdoors museum you will get a good idea how life used to be here in the past decades and centuries.

Welcome to a River Journey!

Equipment  A warm and waterproof outfit and proper shoes suitable for rowing


Languages Finnish and English (German and French on agreement)

Program duration 2-3 hours (route varies according to the number of participants)

on agreement

Insurance Oulu Safarit has a liability insurance

Possible time period May – September, depending on the weather conditions

Location Place of departure for the tar boat trips according to the program

(Maikkula Mansion, Nokkalan beach shore or Turkansaari Outdoor museum)

Price  35 €/ person, incl. VAT 10 %.

Minimum charging for 15 people

Maximum participant volume 100 people

The price includes the following:

  • Guide services
  • Needed props for the program
  • Disposable raincoats
  • Tar-treated boats incl. transportation