Cycling tour with retro Jopo-bikes (for groups)

Cycling tour with retro Jopo-bikes (for groups)

Cycling is an ideal way to move around in nature or in an urban environment. No matter what your experience level is, from beginners to more advanced, you will enjoy the versatility of nature and its challenges. Our relaxed and low-key journey will lead you along a number of pleasant routes and from the saddle perspective you may observe the world through a totally new view.

Trip is made with traditional finnish Jopo-bikes.


Equipment  Appropriate clothing for outdoors

Languages Finnish and English. (German and French on agreement).

Program duration Appr. 3 hours

Trip distance Appr.15 km

Insurance Oulu Safarit has a liability insurance

Possible time period  1.5-31.8

Location   Program can be carried out almost everywhere


Price 45 €/ person, incl. VAT 10 %.

Minimum charging for 10 people

Maximum participant volume 30 people

The price includes the following:

  • Guide services
  • Disposable raincoats
  • Bicycles
  • Equipment needed for the program