This night-time canoeing trip will give you an opportunity to get to know the city of Oulu and the Oulujoki river delta seen from the water. Along the canoeing route, you will see a number of interesting sights and may be surprised by the wonders of wilderness and how near the city they actually are.

Enjoy the silence and the light nightless night! We set out on our journey in Indian canoes and we will be moving on pleasantly at a low pace. The journey distance will be about 2-5 km. Our experienced and well-trained guide will see to your safety on this trip.

This canoeing trip is suitable for people who enjoy being outdoors and have swimming skills and a fairly good condition.

Equipment A warm and waterproof outfit and proper shoes for canoeing

Languages Finnish and English. (German and French on agreement).

Weather conditions Will be considered

 Program duration 2-3 hours (route varies according to the number of participants)

Insurance Oulu Safarit has a liability insurance

Possible time period   May – September

Location  Hietasaari, Market Place


Price  51 €/ person, incl. VAT 10 %. (2-3 persons/canoe).

Minimum charging for 10  people

Maximum participant volume 50 people


The price includes the following:

  • Guide services
  • Needed props for the program
  • Disposable raincoats
  • Open 2-people canoes
  • Life jackets