Aurora hunting – chasing the Northern Lights (for groups)

Aurora hunting – chasing the Northern Lights (for groups)

Welcome to snowy bus trip and chase the Northern Lights in a Polar Night! Trip starts from a hotel, guests are equipped with warm overalls and two storage Snow Express bus will pick the group and adventure can start!

Guided tour includes a trip to wilderness and we are chasing famous Northern Lights. Bus will drive around Oulu area and its wilderness chasing after Northern Lights – at the same time you can enjoy snowy landscapes, listen stories about Northern Lights and winter in wilderness.

Come and experience winterwonderland in the wilderness, where electric light do not disturb the experience. We will see river running freely in snowy Koiteli, enjoying sound or flowing water in a breathtaking scenery.

Bus is heated downstairs, and when we stop, you can take photos from upper floor which is partly outdoors. Or you can hop off from the bus and enjoy this spectacular show of the nature outside. During the trip warm drink and hot sausages grillled by open camp fire.

Welcome to an adventure of chasing Northern Lights!

Equipment Winter time overalls, gloves, shoes and a bonnet, if needed

Languages English.

Program duration 3 hours, starting hours in between 18.00-21.00.

Insurance Oulu Safarit has a liability insurance

Possible time period November – February.

Location Around Oulu area

Price  115  €/ person, incl. VAT 10 %.


Minimum charging for 15 people

Maximum participant volume 50 people

The price includes the following:

  • Guide services
  • two storage bus
  • all equipments needed for programm
  • warm drink and sausage